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$750 AUD

A playful and eccentric logo with a modular, retro aesthetic.

This design is bold, playful and character-rich. Its chunky, modular letterforms have vast references: Part groovy 70s, part art-deco. This outspoken design would be an incredible fit for a playful, artsy, confident brand. Think; contemporary lifestyle journal, trendy bar/restaurant or cult beauty product.

Your purchase includes:
  • Your selected logo, edited to your business name
  • Brand colours and fonts, selected by you from our exclusive library (available post-purchase)
  • A full kit of digital and print-ready logo files (horizontal, stacked and icon formats)
  • A complete brand style guide
  • An exclusive license (indefinite, worldwide use) — Each logo concept is sold once to ensure originality
Bonvo By The Brand Bazaar
Sign Mockup
Brand Icon
Bonvo Logo by The Brand Bazaar
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Adaption Example
Adaption Example
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