About The Brand Bazaar


The Brand Bazaar is the ultimate marketplace for high-end, jaw-dropping brand identities. Ready-to-go, at a fraction of the price.

We all know the power of a slick brand identity. A professional brand image is key when it comes to grabbing the attention of your audience and building trust and loyalty to your brand. Yet the traditional branding process can be costly and time consuming, making it out of reach for many startups. That’s why I’ve flipped the process on its head.

At The Brand Bazaar you can flip through a library of designer logos and have your perfect match tailored to your business name within 2 weeks. That’s your logo, colours, fonts & style guide, sorted.

So if a lack of quality branding is keeping you from launching or preventing your business from being seen (or respected), let’s change all that.

Let’s get you set up with a jaw-dropping brand identity that you love, and therefore love to promote. Let’s open the door to a thriving business, more audience engagement, increased credibility and referrals.

Let’s tick “epic branding” off your to do list.

Is The Brand Bazaar right for you?

Yes, if you're:

  • Eager to get an idea to market asap

  • Too busy or intimidated to manage a 1:1 design process

  • Anxious about ending up with a design that you just don’t love

  • Confident you’ll “know it when you see it”

  • Wanting to avoid overspending in the start-up phase

  • Over DIYing, roping in friends and feeling less-than-professional

No, if you're:

  • Keen to actualise a specific vision

  • Hoping for a lot of 1:1 contact, conversations and advice

  • Looking to invest significantly in a custom branding solution

  • Seeking a long-term creative partner

  • Seeking an expanded suite (patterns, templates, etc)

  • Indecisive, hate choice, and would prefer to be steered by an expert

About The Founder

Hi! I’m Dani, the founder & Creative Director of The Brand Bazaar (and Neverland Studio).

I’m a big believer in the potential of awesome branding. I also believe in the impact of colour, the power of words, the importance of equity, and that hip-hop isn’t dead (but thankfully, Millennial Pink is).

Over the past 15 years, I’ve designed iconic brand identities for award-winning fitness studios, cult Aussie venues, global food products and beyond.

Over that time, I’ve also turned down multiple collaborations with entrepreneurs who were looking to launch quicker or cheaper than my wait-list could accommodate.

Eventually, I decided to create a logo marketplace that could serve them in the way that they craved. And so, The Brand Bazaar was born.

Want to know more about me as a person, what gets me stoked and makes me tick? Get to know me here.