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I believe in the undeniable potential of awesome branding and that working one-on-one with an incredible designer can lead to an epic result. As a graphic designer with over 15 years of experience in the industry – I’ve worked one-on-one with hundreds of switched-on start-ups (and start-agains) to build iconic brand identities for their businesses.

But the traditional branding process takes time and resources that often aren’t available when you’re just starting out. And over those 15+ years, I’ve also turned down dozens of collaborations with entrepreneurs who were looking to launch quicker or cheaper than my wait-list could accommodate.

Eventually, I decided to create a logo marketplace, that could serve these entrepreneurs in the way that they craved. And so, The Brand Bazaar was born.

Absolutely! Customising the design to your business name is a key part of the process. I simply replace the dummy business name with your real business name (using the same font).

In fact, please ensure that you have the legal right to use your business name by registering it with the appropriate body.

Easy-peasy! Simply complete the payment form at the bottom of the page to reserve the design for your business.

The form asks for your contact and payment details, business name, and any additional customisation requests.

Immediately following your purchase, a tax invoice will be sent to your inbox. I will make contact within 3 business days to kick-start the customisation process.

Our payments are processed securely by Stripe. The payment form accepts credit and debit cards.

Zip, nil, zero. Our pricing includes GST for Australian customers.

Brand colours and fonts are a key part of any brand identity. Here’s how we’ll define yours…

Immediately following your purchase, you’ll receive an email with access to our exclusive colour and font libraries. Please take a peek and choose your favourites ( and are fun to browse too!)

Please confirm your faves (or reach out for help) via reply email within 48 hours.

Please note, your brand fonts will not influence the logo in any way. They will simply be the fonts that you use consistently on your marketing materials (such as your website, socials, and stationary).

Unfortunately, no. The customisation process is where the bulk of the design work comes from.

I encourage you to review the adaption examples provided for each logo before purchasing. These examples illustrate how the design adapts to different business names.

Please use the contact form to get in touch if you’d like a second opinion on a design’s suitability.

Most logos are a good fit for most business names. And minor compatibility issues can usually be fixed with a subtle adjustment to the design.

But there are some things (like a capitalised acronym and script text) that just shouldn’t go together. Any such limitations will be identified in the logo’s design description.

Ultimately, if I deem your business name to be incompatible with the design, I will offer you an exchange or refund.

Yes, at an additional fee, providing that the modifications are reasonable and relevant to the design.

Please reach out prior to purchasing, or make your request upfront, using the Payment Form. If I accept your request for modifications, I’ll advise you of the additional fee for these modifications (and invoice you the additional amount) prior to performing the customisation.

This was done a lot in the 80s/90s. But (generally speaking) it’s no longer considered to be best practice today.

A logo should be flexible and present legibly in all formats (think, a large-scale billboard, or tiny rubber stamp). Taglines get in the way of this.

That said – if you’re keen to include a tagline, I can usually accommodate this request. Please note this customisation request in the initial Payment Form.

I’ll make contact within 3 business days to confirm your colour and font selections and begin the customisation process (adapting the design to your business name). From there, I’ll aim to finalise your Brand Kit within 2 weeks (often sooner).

To meet this deadline I’ll need you to confirm your colours and fonts within 48 hours of purchase, and reply to my emails in a clear and efficient manner.

You will receive your logo in the following file formats…
.ai | .pdf | .png | .svg

And in the following layouts…
Primary layout (single-line)
Secondary layout (stacked)
Brand Icon

Please note: Short, single-word logos may not require a secondary layout.

Yes! This document will be handy to refer to in-house and to share with any contractors that work on your brand. This will ensure that everyone’s on the same page and that the branding is used consistently.

Your Brand Style Guide will include:

  • An introduction to your logo and general rules for its use
  • An overview of your primary & secondary logo formats, and your brand icon
  • An introduction to, and overview of, your brand fonts
  • An introduction to, and overview of, your brand colours

You will receive a link to  download your Brand Kit via Dropbox. The link will remain active for 14 days, and during this time, I encourage you to download, save and backup the file in a safe location.

You will receive a perpetual, exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide and transferable licence to use the design for your business purposes.

For more in-depth information, please refer to our terms & conditions.

Your license is transferrable if you sell or merge your business. However, you may not re-sell any designs from The Brand Bazaar. Sorry, fellow designers!

No, unless I deem the design you’ve purchased to be incompatible with your business name, each sale is final and non-refundable.

I sure can! I offer one-on-one design services via my design practice, Neverland Studio. Please feel free to drop me an enquiry.

I design new concepts for The Brand Bazaar in quiet periods, or as ideas pop to mind. As such, new designs are added sporadically (in batch drops). 

If you’re keen to be the first to know when new designs hit the store, follow The Brand Bazaar on Instagram (add the account to your favourites, for good measure).

If your question isn’t answered above, please reach out via our Contact page.