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The Surf Shack

$750 AUD

A groovy, retro brand identity with modern appeal.

This design uses a creative, flared, non-conventional font with a distinctly 70’s vibe. This groovy style has regained appeal in recent years, evoking a sense of creativity, freedom, and warm nostalgia. It would be a natural fit for a venue, product or brand with a nod to the carefree nature of the era.

Your purchase includes:
  • Your selected logo, edited to your business name
  • Brand colours and fonts, selected by you from our exclusive library (available post-purchase)
  • A full kit of digital and print-ready logo files (horizontal, stacked and icon formats)
  • A complete brand style guide
  • An exclusive license (indefinite, worldwide use) — Each logo concept is sold once to ensure originality
The Surf Shack
Towel Mockup
Primary Logo
Adaption Examples

How this design adapts to different business names

Adaption Example
Adaption Example
Adaption Example
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Following your purchase, you will receive an order confirmation email, and another email inviting you to browse our colour and font libraries. I will get in touch within 3 business days to kickstart the logo customisation process. Speak soon 🙂